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released March 25, 2014

'TIGER BEAT' by Twelve Thousand Armies

All songs written by Justin Williams.
Performed by Jeff Crawford, Carter Gaj, Ryan Gustafson, Sam Kossler, Jon Lindsay, Stu McLamb, Josh Moore, Mark Simonsen, Tommy "2Straws" Simpson, James Wallace and Justin Williams.
Recorded by Ryan Gustafson, Jeff Crawford and Justin Williams at Fidelitorium Recordings (Kernersville, NC) and Arbor Ridge Studios (Chapel Hill, NC).
Mixed by James Wallace.
Mastered by Nick Petersen.
Artwork by Andrew Jeffrey Wright.




all rights reserved


TWELVE THOUSAND ARMIES Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Barista's Out of Control
The Barista's out of control
She'll take any boy that walks through the door
Cause no one's watching out for their own
She thinks she's made of gold
And that she'll never ever go home alone
But no one's walking nobody home

When you see her do you need her?
I guess there's certain things that never get old
Listener when you kissed her
Did you do everything that you have been told?

He thinks she's all his own
And that she doesn't mess around since they boned
But they've all been talking he doesn't know
The Barista's a taker of souls
She maps out every one that she wants to own
But no one's falling no one at all

Mister she's a blister
You just need to leave this alone
You think you need her you can't feed her
She'll just keep on leading you on

I know you are a giving man
But what you're giving man gets old
So now it's time to take a stand
Let go of her hand and roll

The Barista's out on her own
She's got nobody here left to control
Cause no one's watching
No one's walking
No one's talking no more...
Track Name: Instant Reminiscence
Instant reminiscence has become a part of me
So I don't need nobody just a mild lobotomy
Stoned and go to places unknown
So listen little lady when you popped that artery
I didn't see a future just a loud apology blown
Now you won't leave me alone

You've known the debt despair agreed?
The love affair the family tree
Breathe in breathe out now you're in doubt and scared

So no more hesitation no false starts no remedies
Sedated and elongated in tonights longevity
Thrown into a baby cyclone
Excuse the misconception though at best an absentee
Confusion just by using simple plans of strategy known
But you know baby I'm prone

Day in day out I crave I need
The isolation helps be breathe
To dream about chagrin and doubt compares
To live a life beneath the heights in hell
But all he wants is hell all he wants is hell all he wants is hell

Til her shotgun brought me down to my knees
But my ray guy had her fooled by it's notion
Then she lays down postponing poverty
And she plays dumb and I'm fooled by commotion...
Track Name: One Last Scar
I was a mess inside of tangles
She was the loveliest in Wales by far
I should have left these thoughts less mangled
I should have left and fought between the bars
Got my one last scar

So much for the least erotic tangos
So what if the best you had wasn't dreamt in cars
You would have seen me dawned in plain clothes
You would have seen me here being swept by stars
She's my one last scar

Lovely Ms. Jane Doe driving through my heart

If it's not the truth then why'd she lay low
She said she had proof if she did it be here in a jar
See we would have never caught her Anglos  
And I would have never played this here guitar
It's my one last scar

Lovely Ms. Jane Doe driving through my heart
Lovely Ms. Jane Doe driving through passing through
Lovely Ms. Pain Growth driving through my heart
Track Name: Beverly B-Side
Beverly B-side she had more on her plate than revenge
She always knew someone who's out on the street looking forward
She had many friends
With pull from the inside she had torn from the steak at the ends
She always seemed wired but mad no mistakes if she did she'd replace and re-mend

With such highly hopes she was raised to win
Fully dressed in taupe she was born to set trends
All by the wayside get watch Beverly B-side begin
Now she's definitely telling us something yes she's definitely telling us something yeah she's definitely telling me something again

She lived by the seaside and at dawn she would race with the wind
She never grew tired as long as they'd toast every mile getting close to the end
She lived such a sweet life and they were much closer than friends
She always made flyers for shows he would play by the coast being host by his twin

With such highly hopes their names would blend
And a brandy toast from a boy who calls him Ben
Well then Benjamin Seaside got in to Beverly B-side's record bin
Now they're definitely telling us something yeah they're definitely telling us something yeah they're definitely telling me something again

But what does it matter for I'm still alone
This scene and this chatter makes me want to grow
Plus what would a boy be with nothing to own
And it's definitely telling me something I've known all along
Yeah it's definitely telling me something I've already known
Track Name: They All Call Him Loose
They all call him loose cause his stance
He's living on talls burning the streets
Til it hits the fan
So he always calls truce in advance
When he's breathing through straws going for weeks
Til the kid can't stand

These cemetery ways lead to cemetery days
But you know now the moonbeam's rare
But his room key is right back in place

So they all call him Bruce in the band
It's written on walls that he's covered in sheets
He's a ladies man
Til he cuts them all loose
They understand that he's living on talls
Burning the streets as a one man band

Til those cemetery ways lead to cemetery days
But you know that he loves despair
And he'll through this back in their face

His cemetery ways lead to cemetery gates
And he loves that we know he's scared
And we'll through him back in the grave
Yeah they all call him loose
Til the old man comes back on stage
Track Name: Complexions
Wake up don't fall asleep girl in your make up
Get yourself dressed for this break up for it's bound to be
You feel down got your feet stuck in your home town
Hearts were abused now that they pound it's hard to breathe

Cause I put too much in to us
You settled down so I'm giving up
Leaving town though the roads are rough
Breaking ground for the both of us
So I can breathe

You falling has nothing to do with me parting
I left so long ago darling still you write to me
My heart aches here I was living out our fate
Pretending our love wasn't at stake
Please don't let me be

Cause I've put too much in to us
I settled down now you're giving up
Leaving town when the times get tough
You always said I would be enough
Now I can't breathe

This might be more than what it seems
I love you but all this can wait
My darling there's so much for us to create
In spite of the whims and the tears and the aches over me
And now that it's all on display
We pick ourselves up and just move on our way
In spite of the chills and the thrills and the shakes
And just be free
Track Name: Evil Troop of Ladies
I just want to see the road the path the overview
My life directs the whole pursuit
Not a one night stand or an evil troop of ladies
So I'll go about the night with days of dignity
Half a heart expectantsy with a broom in hand
And mouths to feed and babies

So I don't want to hear one more last call
I don't want to hit the bar at all
All I want to do is sing this song
And be lazy

Just because the road the path might work for you
All in all you're all just fooled
With a drink in hand and minds to lose so hazy
So I'll go about the night a say with dignity
I killed this place you all know me
Not a ruined man or a masterpiece just crazy

So I don't want hear one more last call
I don't want to hit the bar at all
All I want to do is sing this song and be lazy
And I don't want to fuck with you know who
Or have nothing to ever do with you
Any minute I'll be in pursuit of crazies

So I don't want to hear one more last call
I don't want to hit the bar at all
All I want to do is sing this song and be lazy
But I guess I'm going to call up Straws
Tell him to meet me in the bathroom stall
You had to know that I would blow it all
And go crazy!!!
Track Name: Hey!!! Providence
Hey!!! Providence boy where'd your head go?
I haven't seen that thing attached since two thousand and four
You need to drop this shit boy let your hair grow
You make the scene we've seen the act we've seen you play the whore
And I've wept for this since nineteen ninety four
I should have known you'd waste my time parading down the street
You need to find you some peace of mind boy put this act to sleep
Ohhhh you run a tight ship but boy where's your lifeboat
You're gonna need some friends to help you row
Track Name: Howard Hughes & Gypsies
Ships that conjure pressure overbearing it's a state of mind
Afterlife impressions of us angles on the centerline
Grow, I'm told
Triumph situations intermissions think I will decline
Lithograph emissions turn to seizures when they're out of time
Cold, so bold, I'm sold
It's a one track mind taken straight up out the times I'm told
Classic presentations centuries injecting truth and lies
In plastic uniforms the children race right toward the finish line
Poor, so bored
Reading under lip sync finding Neverland a waste of time
Howard Hughes & Gypsies pull the curtain they're the masterminds
Torn, adorned, so scorned
It's a rock and roll line taken straight up out the times be warned
When is too much too much for whores?
I thought it ended with the Doors
Constant overbearing luxuries inside your heart of glass
Meaning with no reasons infiltrate and put you on your ass
Floored, ignored
Singing expeditions observations here's the train at last
Wilting pop sensations on a whole I think will never last
Reborn, so torn, straight porn
It's a rock and roll line lifted straight up off The Vines forewarned
When is too much too much for more?
I thought it ended with remorse
I've waited too long now I'm bored
So I thought I'd end this fast for sure
Cause I have nothing to do
And I want nothing to do
And I need nothing to do with yours
Track Name: The Rise
And so... So what you're alive
Just cause long legs do divide
Don't mean people remain people
Whatever that may mean
Cause we're ghost
And we've all said goodbye
While all young children cry
The sequels remain sequels
Unless they're made of three

Cause they're on the rise, they're on the rise, they're on the rise
The people here have spoken

Close... You're too close to the light
Turn around and cling to life
For the equal remain equals
Unless it's you and me

Cause we're on the rise, we're on the rise, we're on the rise
Our spirits can't be broke

And if you're in search big boy go open eyed
I won't make you wait if you don't want me to
Cause all I want is for the right road to roll on
And quickly bring my heart home to you
And simply grasp ahold to the truth

The truth