And so... So what you're alive
Just cause long legs do divide
Don't mean people remain people
Whatever that may mean
Cause we're ghost
And we've all said goodbye
While all young children cry
The sequels remain sequels
Unless they're made of three

Cause they're on the rise, they're on the rise, they're on the rise
The people here have spoken

Close... You're too close to the light
Turn around and cling to life
For the equal remain equals
Unless it's you and me

Cause we're on the rise, we're on the rise, we're on the rise
Our spirits can't be broke

And if you're in search big boy go open eyed
I won't make you wait if you don't want me to
Cause all I want is for the right road to roll on
And quickly bring my heart home to you
And simply grasp ahold to the truth

The truth


from TIGER BEAT, released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


TWELVE THOUSAND ARMIES Charlotte, North Carolina

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